My Ballz n My Word

by RME

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All I gots is my balls
And my muthafuckin word/
And I don't break those for no one
So I'm screeching on that curb/
goddamn I hate this song
But I'm riding around and I'm gettin' it/
With my volume turnt up
Middle finger to all my critics bitch/

Ahh day to day
Around the way/
People say
Yo Jay
What's the deal/
I see you grind and all
But this music shit ain't for that real/
Turn gay
Maybe have a sextape/
Be a nigga
Please don't educate/
Fornicate with these hoes
Until the bed breaks/
Bad like RiRi
Get that cake/
Money cash hoes
O na fuck that/
Heard it all before
Before I was put on/
Copping blue dreams
Lost in my zone/
Live on a cloud
Come to my home/
Overlook crooks
just for that jux/
Never give pounds
To niggas that frown/
Money breeds clowns
And hoes goes down/
She wants to get high
I roll the sticky so we could
fly by/
Head to tele
So we can occupy/
Smoke some La
Always elevating till I die/
Shorty had to ask
About the crew/
Once was 4
And now it's 2/
Before a show
And out the blue/
I hope you get a fuckin clue


Rashid Amir:
I be on thee throne
I don't even write these songs/
I let these songs write they selves
Then I just recite they poems/
I be on another level
Smoking kush where I be zoned/
In the Bush where I belong
Wifeys home
She be Mary, I be Bong/
I be gone another pattern's lost
Freestyle it all because my pad is gone/
Don't be mad at all, I had to hone
I had it all though I have no home/
That's food for thought, and I never starve
If I was born rich, then I'd never charge for this/
Even though my spit be marvelous
Even if my shit far from fraudulent/
First off I got it made
Verse is on in its highest grade/
Got engaged to the finest thing
Inducted with no diamond rings/
Hip Hop was this goddesess name
Hotter than flame I got it tame/
I got a dame that's flier than fuck
When she's tied to my name
So compliment game


released April 17, 2013
Produced by Chris Calor



all rights reserved


RME Brooklyn, New York

Hailing from Brooklyn, RMe consists of J.Mandela and Rashid Amir.

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